Crowdfunding Solutions
Great Way To Gather
Funds Easily

With our crowdfunding solutions, start-ups, potential entrepreneurs, charity organizations
and anybody who need funds, can gather funds for their project from all across the globe.

Crowdfunding Solutions

Our crowdfunding solutions are a complete package for the people who need funds.
You can access the solution from your Android or iOS phone, computer or even from the laptop.


Publish Projects

Through our apps or website, you can upload and publish your project concept with details and photos. You can also update the details of your projects anytime from the backend.

Browse or Search Projects

You can browse or search for projects by category or keywords. Concept and details can also be viewed and contributions can be made easily.

Videos & Images

The project owners can upload videos of their projects and the images to present their ideas.

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Thomas H. Hardy


Project milestones

The vertical chronology tree view is maintained to update the project milestones and progress, which makes it easy for tracking and understanding.

Contributor Acknowledgement

Auto acknowledgement emails are sent to contributors when they make contributions. The details of the project contributors are available to the project owners only.

Payment Options Integration

Various payment gateway options are integrated within the system for the contributors to make payments.

How Does It Work?

We work with a committed system and process that includes the following:

Share Your Requisite

Send us your business requirements.

Get A Call Back From Us

We analyse your requirement and will get back to you with a budget and timeline. Project Initiation & Customization

Project Initiation & Customization

After the project is confirmed, we start customizing your solutions.

Set For Delivery

You test the application and we are ready for deployment.

Ready To Discuss Your Project?