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Exclusive Features to Look in Upcoming iPhone 7 & 7 Plus

Coming September is the expected date of iPhone7’s launch. This may possibly collide with the launch of iPhone 6c and iPhone 7 Plus. Around 42% of buyers planning to buy iPhones are waiting for its release. Study, conducted by Merrill Lynch and Bank of America have surveyed around 1000 customers. It has indicated that this may be impacting the sale of iPhone 6s.

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Portfolio Bid Strategies: Advanced Addition to Adwords Automated Biddings

Successful Adwords campaigns are carried forward by a successful bidding process. Bidding helps you to correctly choose revenue driving keywords and specify other areas which bring in high profit. Now, very soon Google will roll out revamped automated bidding processes for Adwords. This year further Adwords updates will simplify formation of bid strategies which will perfectly align with performance goals.   Earlier advertisers

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How Cohort Report Helps in Measuring your Rate of Customer Retention

Good news for all online store owners! Unlike brick-and-mortar stores, you can easily do what they can’t. Why? Thanks to Google Analytics, you can measure your business success so easily. All necessary data regarding your business progress can be so easily tracked. Some of them are conversion statistics; total visitor fluctuations; measuring the CTR or Click through Rates and you can measure average

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2016 Top 16 Advertising Tips for Facebook Ad Campaigns

Ad campaigns through Social-media channels are gaining in popularity as more and more audiences are registering with them. In this article we are focusing upon tips to run highly successful ad campaigns on Facebook. Let’s take a look at them. 1. Zero in on your Goals Remember that like every other sectors of life this is a good practice to zero in on

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Top 5 Bottlenecks of Ecommerce Business

Present era is the age of Internet and business is increasingly becoming Ecommerce centric. This sector is extremely profitable and doesn’t need too many preparations. Just hiring of a quality Ecommerce website Development Company along with reputed digital marketing company will place your brand on right path but there are few bottlenecks which establish age old proverb: The devil is in the details.

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Learning the Tactics of Keywords Research in the Year 2016

The Internet is changing rapidly and the trends people follow are constantly changing constantly which means that each and every business needs to keep an eye on the right set of keywords which continue to work for them and which do not.   To clarify, you cannot do just a keyword research once and get rid of that. Keywords need to be reviewed

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Top 5 Web Design Trends for Ecommerce in 2016

Ecommerce websites will start to look more similar as because designers are using similar sets of design patterns for user interfaces; employ layouts similar to cards and use identical ways for getting new email subscribers. 2016 will see some major changes in the world of website designs. This is solely because utilities of site designs are changing and change in usages ushers in

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Top 5 SEO Trends to Look Forward to in 2016

SEO or Search Engine Optimization has been an integral element in the world of Digital Marketing. Needless to say without SEO your website page ranks would not rise during the appearance of Organic Search results. So SEO is a must to showcase your website before a good number of audience. Let’s see what new things are in store regarding SEO in 2016.  

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How Google’s Core Algorithm Updates Impact your Site Ranks

Recently many Webmasters and SEOs have reported big changes in ranks at Google. Its reply regarding all these hue and cry is because of ongoing updates for its Core Algorithm. Removing shroud of mystery Google’s Garry Illyes said that these are changes in ‘core algorithm’ and ‘not penguin’. As Webmasters are curious to see which expected Penguin updates will hit the platform- as

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5 Elements which should be there in your About Us Page

Even though in concept of inbound marketing is new, it is certainly being executed in various new ways. People are often associated with content marketing with blog posts as well as social outreach. Restricting content to certain parameters can certainly lead to overlooking many opportunities. You would surely do not want to miss a chance to build in creative and engaging content through

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How Artificial Intelligence would Influence SEO Methods in 2016

To sort out SERPs or search engine result pages the latest technique used by Google is named as ‘RankBrain’. The name is used for AI system’s machine learning which is mainly used to process the search results. Do you know what’s machine learning? This is the sector of IT that is still in its nascent stage. Through this, the computer itself would be

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Why Magento is the Best Software for Enterprise Ecommerce

Online entrepreneurs often face this dilemma that is to choose the best CMS platform for their site. Much of your business success depends on this selection. We have done an extensive research on this matter and what came up as result was truely astonishing. The name that came up at top is Magento.   All businesses are not built alike. If you own

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Top Digital Marketing Trends

Top Trends of Digital Marketing to Keep Watch on in 2016

2016 is knocking at door and if you are in digital media, industry is keenly watching at which new things are coming here. We have enlisted some points which would put in light on biggest trends next year. These trends will test how far marketers would be able to engage in customers with cutting-edge technologies.   Video Advertising Source: http://bit.ly/1OohAUX We all know

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Ecommerce Trends Predictions for the Year 2016

Trends are constantly changing and well ecommerce trends are certainly no different. Though it is great thing but it stills present a lot of challenge for you.   Changing technology can impress and improve which is why ecommerce store owners are always ready to take action and keep their eyes open for what is in pipeline and learn how it can help to

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Google Alphabet

What’ll be New Things in 2016’s Google-Alphabet

Year 2015 was quite significant for Google as it launched its risky enterprise of ‘Alphabet’, its new holding company. This sentiment was displayed in the words of current CEO Mr. Larry Page who in August said, You need to be a bit uncomfortable to stay relevant. After this declaration, this $500 billion enterprise was completely upended. Interestingly ‘Alphabet’ will oversee the function of

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Analyzing the Use of Hashtags in an Effective Way

A hashtag is  wonder in the last past decade. It was born to manage the need as well as the sense of social media buzz. This was active as well as creative in the user adoption supporting hashtag adding to the popular social media platforms. Internet language over the past few years has taken off and is a huge part of the evolution.

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Google Android Webskitters

Google’s Plan for Naming its Next Android Version

Since India-born Sundar Pichai became the Google CEO among many other speculations one of the most interest generating was naming ways of its Android versions. Why should be names based upon only western sweets? Why not Indian sweets’ names be included or for that matter from any other country? Jellybean, Kitkat, Lollipop and now Marshmallow. The naming style is really controversial. However, Google

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Top Promises Made by Sundar Pichai at India’s Google Event

The CEO of Google Sundar Pichai is in India. This is the first overseas trip to India of this India-born CEO of this big US technology giant. Well the top executives from Google as well as Youtube have talked about the plans for the company for India. Here are some of the key takeaways which should be focused about what Google CEO has

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What’s so Interesting About Mobile Wallets

Technology is making everything smoother and hassle-free then why does a wallet be far away. Yes your traditional wallet is going mobile (and for a considerable time). However, it is too early to call it a dooms day for traditional wallets as few of us are still habituated of using credit or debit cards in full fledge. But whosoever has used it, loved

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The Expanding Role of Content Marketing in the Year 2016

The expanding role of content is not unknown to us. The year 2016 will surely see the increase need for organic, tailored as well as personal content.   The digital marketing scenario will surely witness a bigger role in 2016 digital marketing. There are developments in publishing, targeting technology and creative arena which have made content creation increasingly accessible for one and all

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