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How To Use Google AdWords For Enhanced Business Prospects

Table Of Contents: Online Advertising & Its Values Benefits Of Online Advertising How People Respond To Online Advertising? An Introduction To AdWords Key Terms Related With AdWords Benefits Of AdWords Google’s Ad Networks AdWords Campaigns Where Your Ads Can Appear With AdWords? Improving Ad Quality Targeting Your Ads Tools Required To Plan A Campaign Payment And Budget Of An AdWord Campaign Starting The

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conversion rate optimization

10 Truths About CRO Which You Have Never Heard Before

Table Of Content Definition of CRO CRO Truth Bombs which will surely change your concept The traditional A/B test Never compromise on increased quantity at the expense of quality There has been no change in the average conversion rate Raising the CTR for better conversion rates Familiarity of Brand is important Boosting the conversion with professional remarketing RLSA will surely save the day

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local seo mapping

How To Increase The Queue Of Customers Outside Your Shop With Local SEO

The digital world is ever fast evolving leading to dynamic changes and consistent growth. What is gaining prominence noticeably is the growth and rise of Small or Medium Business Enterprises. The continuous growth has lead to the rise of digital marketing strategies for better rankings in SERPs. Dominating the search results with content is certainly not possible as you need certain strategies which

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magento seo

Essential Steps To Develop Magento SEO Among Several URLs

Table Of Contents: Introduction Statistics Acquaint You With The Real Story The Best Platform For E-commerce Website Fixing The Riddles Of Magento Duplication Management: The Biggest Dispiriting Factor Canonicalization- A Major Issue Area: Duplicate URL Pathways Area: Session IDs Area: Pagination & Layered Navigation Area: Internal Search Results Pages Connoisseur Notes of SEO on Canonicalization Duplicate Issues That Are Non Canonical In Nature

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13 WordPress Plugins That Boosts Blog’s Usability

Index: Introduction WordPress-Best Platform For Customized Blogs Google Analytics Dashboard for WP WP Smush.it WP Live Chat Support Contact Form 7 WordPress SEO WPtouch Mobile Plugin What Would Seth Godin Do W3 Total Cache P3 Profiler CrazyEgg Heatmap Tracking Subscribe To Comments Broken Link Checker Better Click To Tweet Conclusion Introduction: Blogs are the latest craze on the internet. One can do so

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The 11 Ways To Effectively Handle Your WordPress Blog

Index: Introduction Tutorials for handling your WordPress Blog Beginner’s Guide for WordPress (WPBeginner) WordPress Quick Start Guide (WordPress.org) WordPress SEO (Yoast) WordPress Essential Training (Lynda) WP101 Using the most benefit from WordPress.com( WordPress.com) WordPress for beginners( Udemy) Build ecommerce site with WordPress (Udemy) WP Apprentice Learning how to use WordPress (First Site Guide) Best Practices For Managing the WordPress Site: The Ultimate Guide(

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Whatsapp Comes Forward With A Desktop Version For Mac And Windows

Whatsapp has made an announcement that it has launched a native desktop app which is available on both Windows and Mac devices. Well Whatsapp is owned by Facebook and it has said that Facebook supports desktop notifications, better keyboard shortcuts and many more. In fact, all the messages are synced with WhatsApp’s mobile devices as well.   Earlier this week, there were some

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How To Create And Grow The Online Reputation Of Your Brand

Be it the fact that you are starting a new brand or changing or modifying a new brand, the one thing which you must keep in mind is the audience. Successful brands are surely able to identify with the audience in a way which is natural and genuine. Well the ability to identify the ideal audience will be to allow to establish a

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Boost Your Business by Focusing on Mobile Apps Marketing

Marketing is a term every one of you is familiar with. Presenting your product or service in front of your target audience in the most lucrative manner is the simplest and easiest definition for marketing. It starts from the day your good or service undergoes production. It is a significant way to generate great interest for your service and to ensure large number

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Astounding Cloud Computing Service Beneficial For Your Business

Technological advancement and latest developments of the modern world has introduced several beneficial systems of the society. Being able to remotely connect with your loved ones, business partners, traders and other group you are involved in is one such benefit that can be counted among the best technological innovations. If you have a business then cloud computing has turned into an obligation for

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Getting To Know The ABCDs Of Ecommerce Website

With every passing day, ecommerce businesses are growing. To keep a ecommerce business flourishing and established, there are certain knowledge and information which is needed to establish a successful ecommerce website   Essential Features of an Ecommerce Website Image Source: http://bit.ly/1WekD9g Suggested Pages Plan, design and develop the search bar in a way that it seems eye-pleasing and also produces result within a

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Formulating A Business Plan For The Growth Of Your Organization

Starting a business does need a lot of plans on behalf of a business owner. One should have a business plan, regardless of whether you are bootstrapping or looking for outside funding. The best sort of business plans usually gives a clear idea about what the company desires to achieve and how will they do it. To be honest, the rate of failure

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Why To Opt For Mobile App For The Growth Of Your Business

If you are a small business owner and your business does not have a mobile app, then you surely need to get one. If you have a proper web presence along then it is no longer sufficient as online activity continues to shift to mobile. Smartphone apps have become very important marketing tool for small business owners no one can do without.  

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Ways To Clean Up Your PPC Keywords

The cornerstone of any successful PPC campaign is the right keyword research- which means choosing the best keywords to bid on that are most likely to see in clicks and conversions. To be honest, keyword research is part science and part art as well as understanding the customers as well as predicting the terms of what they are actually typing into the search

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What Is The Importance Of Tags In Terms Of SEO

Improving the visibility of your website is certainly not an easy task. Increase traffic as well as boost the brand’s revenue, a strong SEO campaign is very necessary. To be very honest, while building backlinks as well as developing the social media presence along with off-site practices, boosting the site’s rankings with on-page optimization is very important. Now one of the most crucial

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A Comparative Analysis Between Facebook at Work and Business Manager

A sheriff called Facebook at Work is round the corner that has already been developed plus is under test by 300 companies since last year. Its public version is going to open soon. Like other popular communication platforms between employees, Facebook at Work will compete with Yammer, Slack and Convo.   Some initial rumors had suggested that Facebook at Work will be at

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Professional Skills And Tactics Concerned With Link Building

Are you aware of the term Link building? A free of link building will never be completely dead and who want to be free. A life free of link building would surely mean a life filled with bad reviews, no branding power and all the things which we care about. Link building is surely a challenging work as there need to be certain

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Internet Is The Highlight Of GSMA Mobile World Congress 2016

The ongoing GSMA Mobile World Congress is taking place in Barcelona, Spain. Four days event which began on Feb 22nd is the biggest platform for big shots of mobile devices industry to gather, associate and perform business. Not only this but herein panel discussions are organized to open up latest avenues of business also. At present 2000+ companies are exhibiting their cutting-edge technology

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E-commerce Marketing Techniques To Personalize Customer Experience

This year digital marketers will revamp techniques for making user experience more personal in nature. Take for example receiving 360 degrees of customer information which will ultimately lead towards paving the way for better Ecommerce experience is one of its priorities. For this they will try out newer techniques and tools. A good example shall be the deployment of tools for managing digital

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Search Advertising Trends in the Year 2016

Well it is certainly worthwhile to consider what is likely to occur in the search advertising in the year 2016 so that one can adjust to the strategy.   If considered Bing Ads, along with access to search data with adoption patterns and client interest, here are some predictions for the year 2016 and beyond.   Audience buying is right on Everyone’s mind

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