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Your Rankings Dropped? Here Are Ways To Recover From The Shock

Table Of Contents: Introduction Reasons Why Your Website May Have Lost Its Google Ranking And Ways To Recover From It. Penalized Drop Of Your Website Demotion Due To On-Page Issues Link Issues Polishing And Maintaining Your Site Capturing Back Loosing Links Google Flux Conclusion Introduction Just imagine the shock which you might get when one fine morning you do the Google search of

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Everything You Need To Know About Mobile App Ecosystem

Table Of Contents: Introduction What Is An Ecosystem? What Is Applications Ecosystem? Mobile App Ecosystem Where The Mobile App Ecosystem Will Lead Us? Paradigm Shift Why There Are Changes In The Mobile Sector? What Changes Can We Expect From It? Trends of Mobile App Ecosystem Developers Ignoring App Store Developers Escape The Consumer Market Apps Escape From Screens Platform Players Are Escaping Mobile

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How Startups Can Increase The Brand Value Of Their Businesses?

Table Of Contents: Introduction Branding- An Imperative Tool For Modern Marketing Landscape The Five Stages Of Branding Do Thorough Research About The Market Know Your Target Group Learn About Your Competitor’s Brands Note Your Uniqueness Establish Your Brand Personality Develop A Visual Presence Use Social Media Platforms Maintain Brilliant Customer Service Be Consistent In Your Approach Get Experts On Board Branding Helps In

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Killer Strategies To Market Your Startup Business Website

Table Of Contents: Introduction Why Should You Market Your Start Up Business? Ways To Market Startup Businesses Customized Website Don’t Just Sell – Engage Carve A Niche And Build Industry Credibility Use Search Engine Optimization List Your Business On Local BusinessListing Sites Use Social Platforms Don’t Ignore The Significance Of Mobile Apps Rely On Word Of Mouth Promotions Maintain A Good Online Reputation

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How Power Words Help Marketers Boost Their Conversion?

Table Of Contents: Introduction What Are Power Words? Where These Power Words Should Be Used? What Makes A Word A Power Word? How Power Words Help Marketers? The Use Of Power Words In Marketing Various Situations Where Power Words Help Marketers The Power Words And Emotions Bond Encouraging Words Curiosity Words Fear Words Scandalized Words Greed Words Trust Words Anger Words Vanity Words

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Bing SEO Benefits Your Business & Brings Excellent Traffic

How Bing Benefits Your Business & Brings Excellent Traffic?

Table Of Contents: Introduction Why Bother With Bing? History of Bing Why Is Bing Search Important For Your Business? What Matters In Bing SEO? Is Bing Traffic Valuable? How To Get Started With Bing? SEO For Bing Is Much Easier Than You’re Used To What To Avoid In Bing’s SEO? Top-Ranking Factors For Bing Binging The Future Introduction: When it comes to online

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How Page Load Speed Improve Business Prospect And Conversion Rate?

Table Of Contents: Introduction What Is Page Speed? How Slow Is Actually Slow? Why Page Speed Is Important? Factors That Are Responsible For Slowing Down The Web Page Speed A Bottleneck And High Traffic Causes Slow Website The Website Isn’t Properly Optimized/ Configured Database Is Overloaded There’s An Issue With The DNS, Host Or ISP You’re Using A Lot Of External Resources Web

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Top 11 Free Website Analysis Tools For Online Marketing Endeavor

Table Of Contents Introduction What is Website Analysis? Why Website Analysis Is Important? How Website Analysis Is Beneficial For Your Business? Free Website Analysis Tools That Serve As a Boon For Marketers Google Analytics Google Webmaster Tools SEO Analysis Tool SEO Report Card Bettergraph Seo Analyzer SEOquake SEO Web Page Analyzer SEO Audit Tool Seoptimer Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool GTmetrix Get Started

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Atanu Sarkar

Dedication Has Brought Atanu Sarkar To Top 20 Entrepreneurs Of 2016

Atanu Sarkar, the CEO of Webskitters Technology Solutions Private Limited, has been placed among the Top 20 Entrepreneurs of 2016 by SiliconIndia-the largest community for the Indian Professionals, for his continuous endeavors, hard work, and diligence to help his company taste success by adhering to the industry standards. A distinguished and renowned panel of topmost CIOs, CEOs, VCs, Industry Experts and Editorial Board

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Digital Marketing Trends 2017 For Businesses To Evolve Explicitly

Table Of Contents Introduction What Is Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing For B2B Companies Digital Marketing For B2C Companies Evolution of Digital Marketing Different Arenas of Digital Marketing Reasons Why Businesses Should Opt For Digital Marketing Digital Marketing Trends Video Marketing- For In-Depth Market Penetration Live And Immersive Video Streaming- To Connect With Consumers On Real-Time Basis Content Is Ruling The Market- Attracting Relevant

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High Performance Big Data System Works Excellently For Your Business

Table Of Contents Introducing Big Data Defining The 5 Vs Fundamentals Of Big Data System Diverse Data Sources Data Acquisition Storage Data Processing and Analysis Visualization and Presentation Security Of Big Data System And Its Impact IT industry is identified with huge, quality and critical data that needs to be utilized at the right time so as to meet the performance challenges that

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11 Tips To Experience Success In Your Landscape Business

Introduction How Landscape Entrepreneurs Can Develop Their Business? Build Long-Term Relationships Yard Advertising & Branding Build A Team Partner Up Know Your Costs Be An Expert Get Familiar With Tools Be Punctual Don’t Forget Digital Give Every Project Your All Build Credibility Introduction Everybody owning a garden or a backyard think them as a landscaper expert. They think themselves to be a pro

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Indispensable Guide For Remarketing & Retargeting

Table Of Contents Introduction To The World Of Remarketing & Retargeting What Makes Remarketing So Remarkable? Evolution Of Remarketing & Retargeting Why Marketers Use Remarketing Techniques? Difference Between Remarketing & Retargeting How Does Remarketing & Retargeting Works? How Remarketing Is Different Than Regular Display Ad Buys? How Retargeting Is Measured? Understanding The Different Funnel Stages Of Remarketing How To Effectively Use Remarketing For

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7 Facts About Adwords Store Conversion Never To Be Missed By A Marketer

Introduction What does the term “store visit conversion” means? What is the technology used to measure store visits? What is new with Store Visits? Can beacons be used by Google to improve? How many visits at store are incremental? How can one understand the store visit conversions? Where can one view visit conversions? Conclusion Introduction Well E-commerce sales usually in most cases totals

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5 Niche Marketing Knacks & SEO Challenges You Should Know About

Introduction What Is A Niche Market? What Is Niche Marketing? Researching Profitable Niche Markets Step One: Know And Identify Your Audience Step Two: Keyword Research For Your Niche Market Step Three: Know Your Competitors Step Four: Research Latest & Updated Industry Trends Step Five: Enter The Niche Market 5 Major SEO Challenges Faced By Local Legal Niches The Local Pack Is Beneficial For

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Inclusive Social Media Marketing Guide: For Today And Tomorrow

Table Of Contents: Presence Of Social Media In The Market Social Media Marketing How Social Media Is Used For Marketing? What Are The Different Social Media Marketing Platforms? Factors Determining Social Media Marketing Success Laws Of Social Media Marketing Difference Between Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing Benefits Of Social Media Marketing Ways to Use Social Media for Business Latest Social Media Marketing

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A Simplified Guide Into The World Of Content Marketing

Table Of Contents: Introduction Content Is Certainly The Present As Well As Future Of Marketing History Why Content Marketing? Strategizing Business With Content Marketing Strategy Five Essential Types Of Content Marketing Which Delivers Instant Result Steps To Guide You In The Right Way With Content Marketing Top Lead Generation Ideas In The Arena Of Content Marketing Nine Mistakes Which You Should Avoid Making

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schema microdata

A Detailed Guide into Schema and Microdata

Index: 1. What is schema 2. Why schema is so important 3. How to use schema markup on your website 4. Here are certain tips on how to use schema markup 5. Some of important schemas and how to use them in your website 5.1. Article 5.2. Local business 5.3. Event 5.4. Software Application 5.5. Brand 5.6. Review 5.7. Product 5.8. Movie 5.9.

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How To Save Your Website From The Penguin 4 Update Of Google

After nearly a two year wait, the penguin Google algorithm have been updated again. This will surely come as a huge blow to webmaster making this the major release with Penguin 4.0. In this type of release, this one is the last release as Google now says that Penguin is the last signal well within the core search algorithm. All About The 4th

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How Possum Affects Local SEO Landscape And Ways To Overcome

Are you wondering what’s wrong with your local search rankings on Google? Have you faced tremendous fluctuations in the local search results? It’s all the outcome of the latest Google Algorithm, called Possum. This local algorithm update of Google has changed the scenario of the businesses on the virtual world and has turned the local search results upside down, making it more relevant

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