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Some Most Popular Ecommerce Tools to Grow your Online Business

Online trade is in its nascent stage and its popularity is only growing. Robust CMS platforms provide ample opportunities. Online trade is growing in rapid pace. In the year 2013 there had been a rise of around 16% sales in US ecommerce trade and moreover it was a fifteenth consecutive rise in a row. In the same year UK had saw a record

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Extension of WordPress Using Custom Content Type

WordPress is reputed to put in unique functional contents that are absolutely out of the box. It not only handles open source contents but also CMS or Content Management Systems. Initially WordPress was meant for the creation of some amazing blog sites but it is no longer limited to it only. Nowadays some plugins help it to create ecommerce sites and one such

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The Truth behind Social Media Influence on Company’s SEO

Social media does affect any company’s SEO but certainly not the way we think. Learn about the hidden secrets of social media effects. It is needless to tell you about the rising importance and growing prominence of social media in the technological world. Keeping this reason in mind, all the tech geeks strive hard to do various social media efforts which will considerably

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The Affects of the New Mobile Algorithm of Google

Just one week is left before the whole world gets engulfed and affected by the new Google’s mobile algorithm which is being unleashed to its full power on the 21st of April. There are still much to be learned about what will and what not will be affected by this new algorithm. It is very important to know that not all the aspects

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Widening your Organic Reach on Facebook

The use of Facebook is certainly entertaining but difficult when one wishes to get organic results. There are several hard ways to do it that.   It is needless that the most popular along with the trending social media is undoubtedly Facebook. With every passing day, the followers along with the likes are increasing at an interesting pace. Now here comes the interesting

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The changing dimension of SEO and PPC for the year 2015

With the arrival of New Year, there will surely be new introduction in the SEO along with PPC predictions 2015. Google is always ready to give a blow to the SEO black hats with new updates from Ninja Penguin and Panda roll-outs. To be very honest, the world of search engine optimization is evolving with every passing day with new changes. Here are

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Practical Utilities of Emotional Branding

Low cost technologies, globalization & saturated markets are making services & products interchangeable & hardly distinguishable. To win the marketplace brands must target customer’s emotional quotients & not only depend upon the face value of branding. About 75% of Americans admit that they purchase articles or conduct market researches while in their washrooms. Thus we can comprehend how much emotional content is attached

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Six SEO tactics for the year 2015- Part 2

In the part 1 of this blog, we have broadly discussed three of the six tactics of SEO to kick start the upcoming business year 2015. Three more tactics which can prove to be equally important while planning your SEO campaign for the year 2015 are:- 4. Focusing on fewer hard-earned links If considered technically, it is advisable to have multiple links from

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Six SEO tactics for the year 2015- Part 1

This is the time of the year when we wrap up the past year’s achievement and failures and focus ahead on planning different tactics for the year 2015. The Christmas festival is over and with the approaching New Year, it is time to think about ideas to take your brand to the next level in 2015 including planning your SEO strategy for the

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Increase the Conversion Rates for your Ecommerce Websites

Ecommerce websites are the latest trend of internet world. In the year 2013 the money spent on the creation of Ecommerce websites saw a rise of 13.4% on average i.e. approximately $262 billion was spent in their creation. The revenue from these websites is constantly increasing. Here we shall provide you clues to optimize your Ecommerce websites to harness more visitors & thereby

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How to Choose the Best WordPress Theme for yourself?

WordPress offers a long list of themes to her users. You might get confused while choosing one for yourself. Few economists do suggest that offering too many options is not always good. It may lead to “analysis paralysis”. And settling for the best WordPress theme is one of the toughest things to do. You may easily get overwhelmed. Chances are that you may

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How to customize your search page to increase ecommerce sales?

Online merchants are always concerned about improving their store to lure in more and more customers. Different aspects of online store say for example open cart, product page, user interface are some of the prime concerns of online page owners. Often merchants tend to neglect an important feature of the store namely the search page. More than often if the search page is

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Gaining Online Presence with Custom Website Development

Technology plays an important role in every domain of life. Every business sector is now striving to make an online presence. Custom website development is a significant aspect of web technology that reduces the gap between the customers and the products. In the present time, not only the product’s information but also the product’s appearance is important. Benefits of custom website development Your

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Happy Thanksgiving Day – 2014

Wishing all our customers and friends a very Happy Thanksgiving Day 2014! – Webskitters LLC (A place where you can design, develop and digitally market your website) Email – sales@webskitters.com Phone – +1-302-200-1003

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Guide to Choose a Suitable WordPress Host

These days a whole lot of options are available to choose among your WordPress hosts. So much so that sometimes it becomes difficult for us to choose the right one from a long list. Also there is lack of knowledge about the exact payment that you have to make to purchase a host. Then you do not know if you need a support

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Keeping a Blog in your Website is the Need of the Hour

The concept of a website maintaining a blog is not too old but its benefits are ample. For a good website, it is now mandatory to keep a blog. A blog site is a sort of search engine magnet. A blog site is a must for every budding entrepreneur. The website should maintain a blog to keep a tab up on the would-be

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Choose the right WordPress theme for your hotel’s website

More and more real estate platforms are now being developed to support the flourishing hotel and tourism industry. These online platforms offer pre-bookings facility and online booking facility. For developing these websites, WordPress Theme Customization Service can prove to be highly beneficial as it will enhance the functionality of the website. Important determining factors for choosing WordPress Hotel themes It is very necessary

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