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The Big One, Reintroducing New Google+

Well the Google+ is not as same as used to be. There is recently a fresh rollout of a whole new as well as fresh Google+ website which is perfect for both mobile browsers and desktops. The latest announcement of Google focuses on the bold colors, redesign as well as the improved access both to Communities and Collections.


The Short Comings of Previous Google+ Page

There were various drawbacks of the previous Google+ page as it were surely a complete nightmare to load. There were excess external codes which makes loading the whole website slower.

There were two features which are usually recurring: Communities which said to have 1.2 million new joins each and every day. Similarly Collections is launched nearly five months ago and is growing very faster.

There can be Nonfiction Addiction Community which gives the option to the people to discuss the best possible stories in Crime and Travel storytelling or there can be Watch Project Collection where there are more than 40,000 people who are part of the antique watch hobbyist. In these places on Google+, people around the world can spend their time sharing as well as discovering things they like.


The New Changes

The new reimagined Google+ can help to do all of the above. The new Google+ is completely reintroduced putting the Communities and Collections right in the center and front. These will be now focused on interests as the new Google+ is much simpler. This Google+ is much more mobile friendly rebuilding it across the web, iOS and Android. The whole experience will be fast and consistent whether the screen is big or small. Check out the changes for the Google+ post and give it a try which is still one of the highly popular Social Media Site.

Let’s watch and see how excellent the reintroduced version of Google+ shall be.


Header Source: http://bit.ly/1Hawl0a

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