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Corporate Architecture

Corporate architecture provides an excellent opportunity for business at brand building. Customers and associates come to recognize the company and the brand it represents through its visual image. When business houses custom build their office blocks and corporate headquarters to look distinctive and in an easily recognizable style with a giant logo at the top, they are using corporate architecture as a means to promote their brand image.

Corporate architecture helps create a strong brand image because corporate architecture as a visual brand image is processed and learned in a unique way by special areas of the brain. Furthermore, corporate architecture triggers strong positive feelings. The customers and business associates come to believe that the company cares for its image. These feelings create a strong bond because the clients begin to associate the corporate architecture as an extension of the quality the company represents. For example, you might have noticed several traders selling the same or similar products side by side. In such circumstances, they use corporate architecture as a means to stand out from amongst the competition.

Brand identity of course is the visual expression of a corporate name. Corporate brand identity is a distinctive and unique visual image (the logo) through which your customers and business associates visually recognize your company. However the presence of a logo alone does not create a brand identity. Brand identity is something that has to be built over time through brand management.

Brand Architecture or corporate brand architecture on the other hand, deals with organization structures and the product brands within its portfolio. As a business indulging in corporate brand architecture, you can either follow the monolithic brand architecture, the endorsed brand architecture or the freestanding brand architecture.

In the monolithic style of corporate brand architecture, the corporate name is used on all products and services offered by the company (example Colgate toothpaste) whereas in the endorsed style of corporate brand architecture, all sub-brands are linked to the corporate brand by means of visual endorsement (example vehicles – all individual vehicle models are linked to the parent company via the prominently displayed logo while the individual model names and the company name is often used interchangeably).

In freestanding corporate brand architecture as the name suggests, the corporate brand acts only as a holding company, and each product or service is individually branded (example insurance policies). If you are a new business startup or are not sure how to develop your brand image through use of corporate architecture or corporate brand architecture or how to go about building your brand identity, come and talk to us today – our brand identity experts would love to help you build and promote your brand.

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